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2018-09-19 10:47:32

公司主要產品有箭靶, 靶紙, 靶架, 靶釘,計時器,決賽成績顯示屏,靶號牌 ,靶位牌,推靶車,靶道線,護指,護胸,弓箱等射箭比賽場地器材。本廠還銷售W&W,? HOYT, MK, FIVICS, BEITER, SHIBUYA, EXCEL, CARTEL, EASTON , DOINKER, GASPRO等多個知名品牌的反曲弓把, 弓片, 弓弦, 箭臺, 箭側墊, 信號片, 瞄準器, 減震桿, 箭壺, 弓架, 弓箱,護指,護胸,碳素箭,訓練器,傳統弓, 復合弓等弓箭器材和所有配件。多年來, 我公司不斷提高產品質量,產品在國內達到了較高的水平,得到了各大射箭隊的一致好評。


??Leling Xindun Sports Equipment Co., Ltd., since the foundation in 1998, has been focusing the R&D and production of archery competition venues. The company's main products include target board, target face, target frame, target pin, Archery timer, result display screen of final, target number plate, target position plate, target trolley, target track line, finger tab, chest guard and bow case, etc. In addition, the factory also sells well-known brands of recurve equipment, including W&W,HOYT, MK, FIVICS, BEITER, SHIBUYA, EXCEL, CARTEL, EASTON, DOINKER, GASPRO and other brands and various types of bow and arrow equipment and accessories, such as limb, bow string, arrow rest, arrow rest, clicker, bow sight, stabilizer, quiver, bow frame, bow case, finger tab, chest guard, carbon arrow, training apparatus, traditional bow and laminated bow, etc. Over past years, our factory continues to improve product quality, which have reached high levels in the domestic market and our products have been praised by major archery teams.
??By adhering to the business philosophy of "keeping integrity in management and putting quality at the first place, laying great importance to contracts and being trustworthy", our factory has always been striving for providing superior products and caring after-sales service to all customers. With an innovative spirit and cooperative attitude, all staff of Xindun Sports are willing to make our contributions to the development of national fitness and share the prosperity of China's archery sports together with all the personnel from sports community and archery sports fans.